Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July

Quick note just to alert everyone to my mode of thinking here.  We have an abbreviated trading week due to the 4th being on Fri so the NYSE is closed.  Thursday is a half day, and we also have the jobs report.  With the low volume on the holiday, the fact that were in the dead of summer which is not a good time for most markets, and the jobs report fiascoes we deal with all the time, don't be surprised if gold is hit hard tomorrow.  It seems almost too easy from the other side of the coin, so watch that.  That's all, have a happy 4th and enjoy the short week, I myself am having a BBQ and watching the fireworks and I can't wait to do it, so I will leave the market watching for the next few days to whoever feels compelled to do it, but it won't be me.  :)
Update,  heres a  chart of the last 5 min in the gdxj.  Smack.

-Jonathan M Mergott


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